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Quick Fact

The W.A.A.E. has employed over 100 High School teenagers in DC Metropolitan area. Currently, the majority of our students live in Wards 6, 7, 8 and in Prince George’s County, MD. This program focuses on all genders.


Thank you for visiting The We Are All Educators, Organization’s website. The We Are All Educators, Org. (The W.A.A.E.) is a professional development and career mentorship program. We specialize in showing individuals the way (The W.A.A.E.) to their desired career through information, skills, experience and exposure.

We also believe that giving back is how we all succeed. The name of the organization is steeped in Mr. Holloman’s classroom theme, “We Are All Educators!”. We all have a body of knowledge that we can share with others. Educators are not limited to those in the classroom, but rather those that share their knowledge. Mentors are often some of the most influential educators in one’s life, especially when it comes to career success and achievement. Not to mention that the student often educates the educator as much, or more than the educator does. Yet, another win-win. Let’s show each other the W.A.A.E.!

The We Are All Educators, Org.


Who We Are

The We Are All Educators, Org. (The W.A.A.E.), a professional development and career mentorship program that focuses on guiding individuals to their desired career. 

Where We Are

We are based in Washington, D.C. and currently serve the D.C. Metropolitan area. We hope to one day serve the U.S. and abroad.

What We Are

  • Professional Development

  • Workshops

  • Career Exposure & Exploration

  • Career Mentorship

  • Summer Mentorship

  • Financial Planning

  • Community Service

  • College Counseling & Application

  • Assistance

  • Professional Trade &

       Application Assistance

We continue support

until career is secured.

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